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Friday, February 19, 2010

Very tomato based wife

Last night Taylor and I enjoyed our fist at home dinner since I left him over Valentine's Day. With feelings of remorse for leaving My Boon over the weekend I felt compelled to tackle the lasagna I've been planning for for the last few weeks.

My remorse quickly turned into mouth-watering anticipation as I assembled the meaty home made tomato sauce with al'dente (sp?) pasta, layers of beautiful cheeses, ricotta, spinach and sauteed eggplant. Taylor's presence in the kitchen quickly transitioned to the couch where he was able to study and I was able to focus. While I love him in the kitchen I also love uninterrupted time to focus. 

When sitting down to dinner with a rich glass of Cabernet and a simply dressed, red wine vinaigrette arugula and spinach salad we were in heaven.

Taylor frequently comments on my love of tomatoes. He calls me his tomato based wife and I don't disagree, they are wonderful bases and with the Pasture Direct lean ground beef I connected to the meal more than most. How I love the gifts of our farm!